About us

Folio is a dynamic, female-led new writing theatre company, proudly based in Wiltshire.

We work to ensure that geographically isolated communities have access to excellent new plays and high quality creative engagement opportunities. We design scalable productions meaning we can tour our work to a wide variety of venues whilst establishing partnerships with local and National partners, to help build a better connected creative ecology across the country, particularly addressing rural areas of low cultural provision.

The quality of our work is evident in the coverage and partnerships we have generated over the past 8 years. Folio’s debut show, ‘Unearthed’, toured to Salisbury Playhouse, Trowbridge Town Hall, Pound Arts, Hullavington Village Hall, Hull Truck and The Arcola, received critical acclaim and was listed in The Guardian as one of their ‘Readers Favourite Stage Shows Of 2015’.

Wiltshire is a large county with an unequal distribution of wealth and many rural areas lacking in public transport. As such, much of Wiltshire is underserved by theatre, particularly in the Central and Eastern swathes of the county. As a deeply rooted place-based organisation Folio serves a unique and vital function in identifying and connecting with these cold spots of theatrical provision, particularly for new writing. When we refer to Wiltshire we include Swindon within this.

Our Mission

Folio is a Wiltshire based, female-led, new writing theatre company, founded in 2014. Our mission is to increase access to and engagement with excellent new plays that reflect and serve the diverse communities that make up the county, inspiring artists and audiences to re-connect to arts and culture in the place they call home.

Our Vision

Wiltshire is a thriving hub of theatre making, recognised nationally as an exciting place to live and work, where everyone from any community and/or locality can access, participate in, and ultimately pursue a career in theatre should they wish to.

Our Programme

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Our unique development process puts Wiltshire at its heart. Supporting communities and theatre makers across the county to invest in a creative process and make work together, we produce new, contemporary and relatable plays, redefining how Wiltshire is portrayed. We design scalable productions meaning we can tour our work to a wide variety of venues, reaching rural and culturally underserved audiences (inc. schools) across Wiltshire and the UK. Our work inspires local artists to make theatre in, inspired by and for the communities of Wilts - the place they call home.

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Engaging local communities is integral to the development of our work, on and off stage. Through creative workshop programmes, we develop audiences and artists for new writing and increase opportunities for cultural engagement amongst communities across Wiltshire, targeting the county’s marginalised groups and young adults, inspiring audiences and artists for the future.

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Artist support

We connect with and support the development of emerging artists in and from Wiltshire and the wider South West, increasing talent retention across the region. This is achieved through employment opportunities within our programme, mentoring, and participation work.

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We establish partnerships with venues, charities, community groups and other organisations to support our work and ensure we can build a better-connected creative ecology across Wiltshire, particularly addressing areas of low cultural provision. As a small and agile non-venue based charity we provide a vital resource to venues and organisations in acting as a conduit to connect them with each other, with communities, and artists in the region. Folio are Associates of Pound Arts, Corsham and forge Associates of English Touring Theatre.

Our History

Folio was founded in 2014 by Lizzie Stables, in order to address the vast lack of provision of new writing in the region, particularly for the county’s rural audiences, and to support local theatre makers.

Folio’s debut show, ‘Unearthed’,by Alys Metcalf, received critical acclaim and was listed in The Guardian as one of their ‘readers’ favourite stage shows of 2015′. Since then, Folio have worked with partners including Salisbury Playhouse, Bristol Old Vic, Pound Arts and English Touring Theatre (ETT) to create new plays rooted that reflect contemporary life in the South West  for tours and digital production. Until 2020, Lizzie Stables ran Folio single handedly before appointing Liz Vogler as Exec Producer. Under their joint leadership, in 2021, the company was granted Charitable Status and Charlotte Geeves appointed as Folio’s first Chair of Trustees. To find out more about our previous work, check out the past productions on Our Shows page.